Map of the Badger & Sugar River Trails

For more information about trail conditions, policies and parking locations, contact the Wisconsin DNR. 
Badger Trail: Brad Bates, Park Ranger/Asst. Manager Blue Mounds State Park & Badger Trail
Sugar River Trail: Melissa Burns, Park Ranger/Manager New Glarus Woods State Park & Sugar River Trail
To report downed trees, branches potholes or other issues along the trails, contact Kevin Swenson, Property Supervisor, Blue Mounds State Park, Badger and Sugar River State Trails

2/1/23: Badger Trail 

On July 1st, a large truck struck the Round Grove Road Bridge north of Monroe on the Badger State Trail causing significant structural damage. The bridge was shifted half off of its supports and became dangerously unstable. While the DNR officially closed the Trail this fall, an “at grade” bypass was completed and signs installed in late December, so the trail section is now open for use. The newly developed ramps down to the Round Grove road will likely be soft in the spring but should harden over time.  Alternatives for bridge replacements are being discussed between theWDOT and other partners.  No recommendations have yet been made.


Poisonous Plants along the Trails

photo of poison parsnip
  Poison Parsnip

Trail users should keep an eye out for both poison parsnip and poison ivy along the trails. Hikers and other users should avoid going off trail, as both plants appear most commonly on the sides of the trails.  The sap of poison parsnip is photo-toxic; coming into contact with any part of the plant in the presence of sunlight can cause severe, painful rashes and blisters to the affected skin.         

Image of poison ivy

Similarly, poison ivy will cause a persistent, widespread itchy red rash to anyone that comes into contact with its infamous three-leaf foliage.

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Poison Ivy

Stewart Tunnel Detour Routes on Badger Trail

Detours around Stewart tunnel on Badger Trail