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Annual Meeting

Green County Cheesemaking Featured at Meeting of the Friends of the Badger Trail

The annual meeting of the Friends of the Badger State trail will feature Donna Douglas from the National Historic Cheesemaking Center sharing the history of cheesemaking in Green County, Wisconsin. The meeting will be Thurs., Nov. 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Turner Hall’s Ratskeller, Wystubbe Room, 1217 17 th Ave., Monroe, WI. The meeting is free of charge and all are welcome.

Donna is Executive Director of the Green County Welcome Center and the National Historic Cheesemaking Center and will share tales of Monroe area cheesemakers and how their efforts resulted in making Wisconsin into the country’s premier quality cheese producer. She was instrumental in the Badger State rail to trail conversion and she will also recount some of the events that resulted in the trail that we know today.

For further information contact membership@friendsofbadgerstatetrail.org
or call 773-442-2549.