What's New in 2011

Annual Membership Meeting, November 16, 2011

A lively discussion centers around the new Stewart Tunnel kiosk design.

Retired DNR engineer, Jerry Dorscheid, presented an interesting program regarding one of his last projects before retiring, the reconstruction of Stewart Tunnel.

Bernie, Chad and Tom, with their patches and water bottles. Bernie rode the whole Badger Trial in one day. Chad and Tom traversed the trail over a period of three days and on the last day extended their ride to Milwaukee to take in a Brewers game !!

Steve Johnston, DNR property manager for the Badger Trail presents President Betsy with the "Best Bridge or Tunnel Feature" award recently presented by the WDNR Bureau of Parks to the Badger Trail.

Fall riding on the Badger Trail

Not many nice fall days left, but today, November 7th, was a beauty! Charlie, Becky and Greg, from Madison, head south on the Badger for a brisk 40 mile ride.

Sue and Joe, from Oregon, left their car at the Purcell lot and were enjoying a beautiful day along the Badger Trail. They ride on the trail quite often.

George and Tom, both from Madison, enjoy a fall ride on the Badger Trail, completing a round trip loop from Madison to Monroe.

So many trails . . . so little riding time!

"The destruction of public property is a constant sad fact of working in parks. It is completely inconceivable why someone would enjoy destroying things that benefit others, and unfortun- ately, it is as often adults as well as juveniles perpetrating these acts", says Steve Johnston, WDNR Property Manager for the Badger State Trail

Anyone with knowledge regarding this act of vandalism should contact Steve at 608.527.2335

August meeting minutes to follow . . .

A tireless advocate for the Badger State Trail, FOBST President, Betsy, recently took her message to Washington DC., where she met with another President. As she biked around the Capital, she proclaimed the beauty of Wisconsin and our trail system!
(oh yeah, she was there for her work, too.)

Bill Hauda, FOBST Director at Large, and his fiancee Linda Meyer are featured this month in Silent Sports magazine in an article regarding tandem bicycling. Click photo to read the article.

One will find every variation of bicycle on the Badger. Here Bruce and Maureen take a break while riding their recumbents. They've had their "bents" for 12 years and ride the Badger every day the weather is nice. Today, Maureen had to get back to Madison to attend the daily Solidarity Sing at the Capital . . .

. . . and then along came Brenda and Stephan with their trikes. They purchased them just a month ago and love the ride (although they said it's a little bumpy on the unpaved portion of the trail).

The Badger Trail . . . it's not just for biking anymore! Wyatt, Wendy, Kaylee and Pam were geocaching. Wendy and her husband have a new Garmin special geocache unit on order for their anniversary present.

Wendy had a list of geocaches, hidden along the trail by a model train/geocache buff. Each of the caches is a model train car. Once they find the site, Wyatt dives into the woods, finds the cache and takes care of the ceremonial signing of the documents!

With a break from the hot weather, riders are once again all over the Badger Trail!
Bruce, from Madison, recently stopped to take a photo of one of the trails most highly populated areas of wildflowers.

Ask a biker about their bike or favorite ride and they can't stop talking. Put them on their bike and for some reason "Mum's the Word". This sign says it all!

The newly paved part of the trail is seeing lots of use this summer! Here, Kyle, stationed at Lake Kegonsa State Park, passes on information about the trail to riders passing by the Marketplace Rd kiosk.

Bill Hauda, (right), a FOBST Board Member, leads the Madison Bike and Bowl Team on a tour of the Badger Tr and the new amenities added near the Stewart Tunnel.

The picnic table and bike rack are a nice addition to the kiosk. Where did they come from?
. . . stay tuned for the rest of the story!

June 15 Full Moon Ride Canceled
due to Rain

Open House Day and National Trails Day, June 4

National Trails Day is held the first Saturday of every June. All trail fees on all Department owned properties are waived on National Trails Day.

All DNR-owned properties participate in the statewide open house day
each year on the first Sunday of the first full weekend in June. All trail fees
on state operated designated state trails are waived statewide open house day.
Cooperatively-run state trails also may participate in the statewide open house day.

The weekend of statewide open house day coincides with “Free Fishing Weekend”,
the first consecutive Saturday and Sunday in June.

For more information about state trails, go to Wisconsin State Parks.

FOSBT at Bike O' Rama

Thanks to all who stopped to say Hi at the recent Madison Bike O' Rama event
held at the Alliant Center's Annex. The annual bike event is held the same weekend
as neighbor Canoecopia. Badger State Trail volunteers talked to hundreds of visitors,
spreading the good word about the merits of the trail and . . . over 160
trail passes were sold! FOBST's gets a percentage of each trail
pass sold. These funds help support the groups year round trail activities.

Badger State Trail is multi-use

The Badger State Trail is used by more than just bicyclists. Runner, joggers, walkers
and dog walkers all use the trail too, especially the paved portion in Fitchburg.
To avoid surprises, be sure to slow down and announce your arrival as
you approach others. Doggies and bicycles usually do not mix well.

Mary and Pat spent a pleasant afternoon walking their five rescue collies along the trail!