Message from the President

2016 is a big year for Friends of Badger Trail. We will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of our group, which supports the DNR in enhancing and promoting our trail.

Much has happened during the decade FOBT has been existence. We started in 2006 embroiled in controversy. At that time work on the trail had just started. None of the paving had been done, no shelters or kiosks had been erected and the ATV crowd had designs on getting the trail for themselves.

At a meeting at Belleville High School, we helped turn out hundreds of cyclists to oppose the motorized takeover. The ATVers were few, and we won. Defeated, the ATVers never returned.

In the years that followed, Badger was paved from Fitchburg south to Purcell Road. And FOBT worked with DNR and community groups to add informational kiosks and other facilities, the most recent of which is a shelter with water, bathrooms, and picnic tables at the Monroe trailhead. A portion of the dollars that made this happen came from the trail passes purchased by cyclists.

Along the way, we even changed state rules governing use of all state trails in Wisconsin. We discovered the state had an obscure rule that prohibited use of trails between 11 pm and 6 am. We successfully led an effort to overturn that rule, and the Legislature responded by repealing it, making night riding legal.

Badger Trail has come a long way from what existed in 2006. Today in Fitchburg, a unique bicycle round-a-bout connects Badger with a multitude of state trails and bike paths radiating out in every direction. Our northern end is the nexus of cycling routes in the Madison area.

There’s more to be done. Already our efforts have led to plans for a tunnel to take Badger Trail under County Highway PD (McKee Road) in Fitchburg, to make the crossing easier and safer. We’re working to connect the Village of Oregon to the east and the community of Paoli to the west with the trail. And we want to become part of the growing national bicycle interstate system by connecting Madison with bicycle routes in Illinois and beyond.

To observe the successes of our first decade, and to learn about our vision for the years ahead, we hope you will join us at our fall membership meeting in November for a 10-year birthday observance. Watch for details on our web site.

Bill Hauda
Friends of the Badger Trail
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What's New on the Trail?

Patty and Dave, who live right along the Badger Trail, stopped at the rest stop in 'Old Fitchburg' for a rest and to enjoy the GREAT weather on the 22nd of February. 63 degrees . . . an all time high for February in the greater Madison area! They ride the trail three or four times a week, including during the winter weather whenever the trail is plowed and not too icy.

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